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What Can the $35 Raspberry Pi PC Do for You?
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The Raspberry Pi, as a bare-bones board that plugs into a TV and keyboard is a cool $35. It's got 256Mb RAM, two USB ports and an Ethernet port, and is just bigger than a cigarette box. But it can't do anything computery without power and some peripherals. In order for the Pi to work as a PC, users will have to bring a Class 4 4GB SD card (loaded with an operating system), their own keyboard, mouse, and a monitor to the party, in addition to a set of USB and Ethernet cords to connect the PC to the Internet and various other devices.

To boot up, the Raspberry Pi draws energy via a micro-USB connection. An old micro-USB phone charging cable with an AC adapter laying around will work great, they're about $5 otherwise. It's also smart to invest in a case (it's just slightly larger than an Altoids tin, for you DIY folks) to keep your Raspberry Pi dust-free. It may seem like the costs associated with running a Raspberry Pi will add up, but a fully decked-out machine will only set you back about $60, assuming you've already got a keyboard, mouse, and monitor/TV handy.

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