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10 amazing undiscovered islands
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Tobago, Caribbean
For Eco-Rich Vacations

The tiny island of Tobago—unlike its boisterous cousin, Trinidad—is a Caribbean island made for travelers seeking peace, quiet, and time spent with pristine nature. Visitors can hire a guide and hike through the western hemisphere’s oldest protected rain forest, accompanied by song from some 58 different species of birds. The island is also ringed by shallow-water reefs, giving snorkelers, divers, or passengers in glass-bottomed boats the chance to spot some 300 types of coral, plus giant tube sponges, massive rays, graceful sea fans, and fish sporting more colors than Crayola.

Hike the trail along Tobago’s North Coast for great photos. Kids love to swim in the Nylon Pool, a fish-rich shallow area in the Lagoon. The hotels, including the award-winning Coco Reef Resort & Spa, have a delightfully local feel. It is said that Tobago cooks have “a sweet hand,” creating dishes that magically blend Creole, African and West Indian flavors, often complemented by good local rum. Best of all, Tobago is very eco-friendly. In 2007, the island won the “World’s Leading Green Destination” honor at the World Travel Awards.
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