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--- xus (1/17/2013)
Day 10

Didn't do much the last day. We visited the National Museum of Iceland in the morning, then drove to Keflavik for a late lunch. Returned the car to Keflavik International Airport later. The guy at the rental car office wouldn't inspect the car for damages. He insisted that they needed to thoroughly wash and clean the car before they could inspect the car, even though our car was spotless clean. We just washed and vacuumed it the day before. I don't know if this is their excuse to leave the door open, so they can charge us for any damage they want later when we are not present. Anyway, I don't like the rental company, and probably won't use them again if we go back to Iceland.

Some tips I gathered either before or during the trip:
- Bring waterproof jacket, pants and hiking boots!!!
- You can get cash (ISK) easily at the airport ATM although we rarely needed to use cash. Our credit card worked in Iceland.
- You do need a 4 digit PIN number to use credit card at N1 gas stations, the biggest gas station chain in Iceland. Before you can fill up, the machine asks for your PIN number, then the amount. How can you know how much to put in before you fill up? The answer is it doesn't matter, put in a much bigger number than your gas tank needs, then the credit card will only be charged for how much it cost to fill the tank up.
- Big (and much cheaper) grocery store chains like Bonus and Netto only operated a few hours a day. For example, the Netto we went to in Höfn opens from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Monday - Friday) during summer. Weekend and winter hours are different. That was unheard of for us who are so used to grocery store open 24/7.
- Bring a towel if you can. You'll save money on towel rental (~500 ISK) if you go swimming a lot.
- Bring a travel alarm clock. At some places we stayed, there was no clock in the room.

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