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--- ky08 (9/6/2010)
Black markets are prevalent not just in the United States, but also in a multitude of countries around the world. The underground economy is, to a certain extent, caused by government restrictions that ultimately result in inefficiency. The severity of the situation is exemplified in the film, Dirty Pretty Things, which delineates the grave consequences of the illegal organ market in London.

The movie allows viewers to sympathize with both organ donors and receivers, weighing in that donors will be provided with a better life while saving a dying individual at the same time. It is my opinion that the illegal organ trade is unfair in many circumstances. As shown in the movie, certain people are easily able to take advantage of those who are less fortunate. The ones who benefit the most are the organizers of the system, who stand at the top of the hierarchy. They are able to obtain large amounts of money while distributing only a small percentage of earnings to organ donors. The donors gain in their situation, because they are able acquire passports or ample amounts of money from their perspective. However, the gains are terribly inequitable, because those who actually have to risk their lives and undergo surgery receive fewer benefits than those who run the business. In addition to the unequal distribution of benefits, the underground market also creates a large risk factor for donors, because the doctors are uncertified and have to operate in unsanitary conditions.

Furthermore, the illegal market is unfair to those who need organs, because if a person is able to pay more, he or she will receive the organ instead of someone who really needs it. In a case where an individual is unable to pay large sums of money for an organ, he would have to go the legal route and register for the waiting list, while a wealthy person is able to receive an organ as long as he is willing to pay.

If a policy increases the rate of legal donations, the shortage will be eliminated, and the underground market will not be as lucrative, and therefore, will eventually end as the market moves towards equilibrium. If this happens, illegal organ donors will not be able to receive money or fake passports as shown in the movie. They would have to find other means of earning money, but in the long run, it would benefit everyone, since both the equilibrium price and quantity will be achieved. Donating a kidney can only occur once for each person, and from the movie, the donors only received illegal citizenships or passports in return. Looking at the market as a whole, there would be no shortage, and those who truly need organs will be able to attain them legally. The waiting lists would also be shortened, because people who would like to donate can do so without having to participate in black markets.

As seen through Dirty Pretty Things, there are underground markets in the world that are completely unfathomable to us, the misfortunate are easily subjugated by others, while certain individuals exert complete dominance and control. The corruption in our society is demonstrated by illustrating how far people are willing to go to support themselves. In the end, government restrictions create market inefficiency, and injustice is inflicted on both organ donors and receivers.
2/13/2012 4:11:37 PM
nnithog about the future potential market. Right now most donors are not interested in maximizing their impact, but there is no reason why it should stay this way. The market for trying to maximize impact (rather than simply wanting to do good, or wanting to support some particular cause) is a lot bigger than it was thirty years ago, thanks to the work of people like Peter Singer, and there is no reason to think that this market will not continue to expand.Of course, it will expand more readily if there are organizations like GiveWell actively working to expand it. If more people were aware of the lack of accountability in so many organizations, they would probably be more judicious with their donations.
5/23/2011 2:45:02 AM
You've hit the ball out the park! Irncdebile!
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