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--- ky08 (9/6/2010)
In the movie, Crash, we can see how racial tensions in Los Angeles escalate to the point where there is violence and turmoil widespread throughout the city. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie was when the locksmith’s daughter ran up to her father, and the whole audience believed she was killed until we realized that it was a blank shot. This scene holds a lot of value and shows how everything and everyone is interrelated, even though people may not realize this fact.

The tension all started when the Persian storeowner complained that the lock was broken, but due to language barriers, there was so much misunderstanding between the two men. The storeowner held a stereotype that the locksmith was trying to cheat him out of his money, while in reality, the locksmith had good intentions by asking him to change the door. When the store got broken in and ravaged that night, the storeowner was devastated and blamed the locksmith. The chain of events ultimately led to the endangerment of a completely innocent girl, which illustrates how racial tensions and false stereotypes are extremely harmful. These two characters have very distinct identities and are extremely dedicated to their work, but when in comes to interacting with people outside of their family or circle of friends, they can’t see things from another person’s perspective.

Although Los Angeles is an exceptionally diverse city, it is evident that each ethnic group holds racial stereotypes of groups dissimilar from their own. Scattered diversity can be a dangerous thing, as seen through the example from the film. Because people are not willing to connect with others and simply shun the differences, scenes in the movie unfortunately happen in real life.

5/23/2011 1:29:23 PM
Hahahaha. I'm not too brihgt today. Great post!
5/23/2011 2:20:06 AM
Tankhs for sharing. What a pleasure to read!
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