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--- news (7/31/2012)
Chinas ye shiwen pushing realm of possibility at olympics

Buckus Toothnail

Wow, this is the dumbest, most ignorant article I've read in a long time. All Olympic medalists get tested immediately after the competition so if Ye's doping, then she'll be found out. But until that happens, and so far the IOC has gone on record as to saying they have zero suspicions of her, then all this chatter is just character assassination and defamation. These accusations simply have no grounding but rather is based on pure conjecture.

But one of the more laughable things about this "article" is how it is so blatantly biased against Ye and the Chinese (and quite transparently racist overall).

While Ye's amazing accomplishments are termed "unbelievable" in the literal sense and "suspicious", Ruta Meilutyte is given a completely free pass despite being only 15 years old, swimming over 2 seconds faster in the Final than she ever has before the Olympics, and only being ranked 14th in the world in this event. Not only that, but this is her first major international competition.

Ye, on the otherhand, is the world champion of the 200m individual medley having won the event at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships, and placed 2nd in the 400m individual medley TWO YEARS AGO at the 2010 World Championships (25 m). She is definitely not an "unknown" from out of "nowhere". What's more, she improved her personal best by only 2 seconds in the heats of these Olympics from her 2010 time, and then improved it again by 3 seconds in the finals of the event. So in two years, from when she was 14 to now when she is 16, she improved her time by 5 seconds. Stephanie Rice, on the other hand, swimming in the same event, improved her time by SIX seconds RIGHT BEFORE the Beijing Olympics. Of course no one has accused Rice of doping despite this.

And now Missy Franklin, who was able to WIN a finals events only 13 minutes after swimming an exhausting 200 meter freestyle semi-final, when the shortest rest period Michael Phelps got in Beijing was THIRTY minutes, is celebrated rather than have suspicions aroused, even though this feat is way more unusual and unheard of then Ye simply winning a race and breaking a world record.

Now do I really think we ought to be suspicious of Meilutyte and Franklin? Of course not!

Unless they have their tests come back as positive, there is absolutely NO reason why anyone should suspect their great accomplishments instead of hailing them. And that goes for Ye as well.

It's utterly ridiculous to celebrate the former two while defaming the latter simply because Franklin is from the US and Meilutyte is from Lithuania.

This is another ridiculous hypocrisy of this "writer" as Lithuania has hardly been known as a swimming powerhouse and yet also has a reputation for doping, the most recent case being that of Aurimas Didzbalis who failed a doping test just two weeks ago and stripped of his European silver medal and suspended for these Olympics.

The US team, let's not forget, has had it's share of doping cases as well like that of Jessica Hardy. She is part of the bronze winning USA women's 4x100m freestyle team in these London Olympics, but was kicked off the US team for the Beijing Olympics for testing positive for a banned performance enhancer during the US Olympic trails and subsequently was banned from competition for a year.

But of course, this "journalist" would like to ignore all that when stating "Now, if Ye was Canadian, or American, or British, or German, we might be a little less suspicious."

Why would that be? Canadians don't dope? Right, of course, the BIGGEST Olympic doping scandal EVER concerned a Canadian by the name of Ben Johnson. But let's just brush that under the rug because it doesn't fit our narrative of "if Ye was Canadian, or American, or British, or German, we might be a little less suspicious."

The irony of Johnson's gold medal for the 100 meter dash in 1988 Olympics being awarded to second place finisher Carl Lewis is that it was reveal years later that Lewis had failed THREE doping tests during the US Olympic trials of that year, which should have gotten him kicked off the US team. And yet the United States Olympic Committee covered us these failed drug tests so that Lewis could compete. It was also revealed that the USOC covered up 114 positive tests between 1988 and 2000. All this has comes out and Lewis now even openly admits he used PEDs during his career.

And let's not forget Marion Jones, who because of biased attitudes like of this "writer", escaped unnoticed for years despite her husband, a shot putter also on the US team, being banned for doping during the 2000 Olympics for testing positive FOUR times for steroids, and the fact that she actually tested positive during a random drug test in high school and was banned for 4 years until OJ Simpson's attorney, Johnnie Cochran, got the ban revoked.

And of course, aside from the Olympics, American sports are NOTORIOUS for doping. Take the case of American baseball. From Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez and dozens more players that have admitted to doping to Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens, who are largely suspected and some being charged by the government of doping, these are the greatest players in the past two decades and they have ALL doped.

The British don't dope??? Just on THIS Olympics' Great Britain team are THREE dopers who were previously given bans, namely David Millar the cyclist who tested positive for EPO and missed out the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, sprinter Dwain Chambers, and shot putter Carl Myerscough.

And let's not forget British wrestler and Commonwealth Games champion Myroslav Dykun just being banned for doping earlier this year.

The Germans don't dope? Are you serious? The East Germans for decades ran one of the most wide-spread and sophisticated state-sponsored doping programs EVER, far exceeding China in the 90s and rivaling the USSR's program if not surpassing it.

If we are taking about recent times, Germany's own anti-doping agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency are currently investigating the German doctor "Dr. Andreas Franke, who extracted blood from athletes, treated it with ultraviolet light and injected it back into the same athlete."

28 athletes are named in the case including "Olympic speedskating champion Claudia Pechstein, former 800-meter Olympic champion Nils Schumann, [and] rising German cycling star Marcel Kittel".

So tell me again, why is it that "if Ye was Canadian, or American, or British, or German, we might be a little less suspicious"? Is this based on factual reality or rather, just another obvious example of your transparent and blatant bias, discrimination and racism?

Not only are the arguments presented in this "article" full of holes and mostly laughable, the "journalism" is also extremely suspect and blatanly dishonest.

For example, he mentions, "China won a record 51 golds in their home Games, and continue to win medals here, in all sorts of disciplines. The last similar factory was East Germany, and their hulking man-women".

East Germany, of course, was famous for state-sponsored doping and thus this "journalist" is basically insinuating through his weasel phrases that China was doing the same during 2008 and as a result, won their "record 51 golds". There accusations, of course, come without any examples, proof or references.

The reality is that of all the athletes that tested positive during the 2008 Beijing Olympics games (not including the previously mentioned athletes that tested positive BEFORE the Olympics and therefore didn't attend), NONE of them were from China.

There were, however, athletes from the US and Germany, two of the countries this "writer" claims we shouldn't be suspicious of, as well as athletes from Ireland, Norway, Spain, Greece, Italy, North Korea, Vietnam, Croatia, Ukraine, Poland, Bahrain and Brazil.

Another dishonest tactic of this "writer" is that he bases much of the "impossibility" of Ye's achievement in that her "final 50-metre freestyle split that was faster than the gold medal-winning equivalent by Ryan Lochte in the men’s race". Naturally, many readers, as demonstrated in the comments below, have interpreted that to mean the Ye actually BEAT Lochte's time, which is hilariously off-base and untrue.

The fact is and what this "journalist" fails to mention is that Lochte swam the 400m individual medley over TWENTY seconds faster than Ye in their respective finals, and that he also BEAT her in the 100m freestyle split when considering BOTH laps.

It is well-known that Lochte often goes all out in the beginning of races, and fades near the end. That was well demonstrated in the 4x100 relay finals in which Lochte himself said he was "too excited" and over-swam the first 50m and therefore not leaving enough gas for the final lap, and as we all know, ended up losing the race to Yannick Agnel and the French team.

It is also well-known the Ye employs almost the opposite strategy. Like many other swimmers, she conserves her energy for much of the race and then explodes at the end. Like even John Leonard admitted, her splits from the other 300 meters were "quite ordinary". She did not expend all her energy at the beginning and was letting her competitors beat her until the final 100 meters which is when she made her move.

Given the different strategies employed by Lochte and Ye, it's much less surprising that Ye was able to swim tenths of a second faster on the final 50 meters, while keeping in mind Lochte still had a faster 100 meter split on the freestyle and was over 20 seconds faster overall in the entire 400 meters.

The real sad thing about this "article" is that this "journalist" basically praises Franklin for employing the same strategy when she had to swim her 200m freestyle semi-final right before her 100m backstroke final, saying "she swam her freestyle with as much arm work as possible, to save herself for the leg-deadening backstroke. It was quite a feat."

Rather than praising Ye for "quite a feat", instead he accuses Ye of being like a superhero character from "The Incredibles", of having "superhuman speed" and "told by his parents to ease up at the track meet, and go just slow enough to finish a close second", "holding back to whatever part of the race that suits her, and then casually making every other world-class swimmer in the field look like she’s drowning".

So rather than praise Ye's successful strategy of conserving her energy initially so she could have more in the tank at the end, similar to the strategy employed by Franklin, this "writer" is insinuating that Ye could go full blast like she did on the final 100m freestyle during the ENTIRE race, and is only "holding back" to not make her "superhuman speed" (i.e. her "doping") appear so obvious.

Not only is this assumption completely ludicrous and mind-blowingly insipid, it's also astonishing that this type of tripe could be published in so-called "respectable" publication.

If the Olympics had an event for "Worst Olympics Coverage and Analysis", this "writer" would win by such a margin that he would not be able to escape accusations of doping with some sort of newly invented super "stupid pill". And like Ye, he would be falsely accused.

He really is this stupid.

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