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--- xus (9/21/2011)
France (1) - Tours

This trip came as a total surprise. At the end of February, my friend/coworker Roxane sent me an email, saying there's a workshop in Rennes, France next month. She wondered if I would be interested. Of course I was! So I started the planning and booking immediately. Within 3 weeks, Dave and I were in France for the first time.

Because of the limited time we had, our plan was to visit some castles in the Loire Valley first, then go to Normandy to visit the American Cemetery and Memorial. From there, we would go to Mont Saint-Michel before going to Rennes to attend the workshop. After the workshop, we would go to Paris by train (stopping at Chartres for a few hours to visit its cathedral) and spend 5 days in Paris (including a day trip to Versailles) before coming home.

From Paris airport (CDG), there were two trains a day that went to Tours, our starting point to visit the Loire Valley. Because our flight was 3 hours late, we had no choice but to wait around the cold airport train station to take the later train (1:37 pm). We arrived at Tours around 3:30 pm. After checking into our hotel, we walked around the town.

(To be continued)

1. Walking toward Tours Cathedral.
2. Tours Cathedral.
3. Inside Tours Cathedral.
4. Near the cathedral, there is a huge cedar tree planted by Napoleon.
2/13/2012 2:31:58 PM
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2/13/2012 8:26:02 AM
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