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--- Jeff (5/4/2012)
Market research firm Ovum estimates that smartphone shipments will continue to grow and reach 1.7 billion units in 2017. The company cites increased demand from emerging markets, alongside the growth of Android, which will fuel ballooning handset shipments. “Android will dominate the smartphone market over the next five years,” said Adam Leach, principal analyst at Ovum. “While Apple has defined the smartphone market since it introduced the iPhone in 2007, we’re now seeing a sharp rise in the shipment volumes of Android, signaling its appeal to leading handset manufacturers.” Android-powered handsets accounted for 44% of the smartphone market in 2011, a significant increase from 17% in 2010. The firm estimates Android’s share will reach 48% in 2017 and Apple’s iOS will account for 27% of the smartphone market, an increase from 23% in 2011. “Although it will remain behind Android in terms of shipment volumes, Apple will continue to be a key player and innovator in the smartphone market over the forecast period,” said Leach. “We expect Microsoft, despite its slow start, to have established Windows Phone as a relevant smartphone platform by 2017.”
6/3/2012 3:40:43 AM
Your confusion is casued by this misconception: -WiMo has already conceded defeat to Apple’s iPhone in the consumer space. -WM has an installed base of 35 million active users, sold 20 million in the last 12 months and aim to sell 30 million in the next 12. Unlike Blackberrys, most WM phones are bought by consumers out of their own pocket. While WM could do a lot more media-wise, this has not stopped the OEM's from making the devices more media-centric, like the HTC Touch Diamond or Samsung Omnia.You ask who the customers of WM are, and the answer is the OEM's selling the software, just like the OEM's like Dell and HP are Microsoft's real customer of Windows.If these customers want to maintain sales they will have to face up to the demands of the Internet and media-centric world, and ask for a WM better suited to these areas. Microsoft is in the process of delivering, and WM7 should be everything they have asked for.In short, stop counting Windows Mobile out that would be a major mistake and leave you muddled and confused.
6/2/2012 7:49:57 AM
No more s***. All posts of this qluatiy from now on
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