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Lotus Hill is the Pearl River Delta, a famous mountain , located in Pearl River Lions foreign bank, is the high ground of the West Bank Western Lion, covers an area of 2.33 square kilometers, the highest altitude is 108 meters, 30 kilometers away from Guangzhou urban area, 60 nautical miles from Hong Kong, land and water transportation convenience, is a rough financial ancient and modern and beautiful country in one 4A grade scenic spot, scenic area of Guangdong Province. "Feng view of the sea" by the Guangzhou Municipal Government in 2002 as one of the famous New Century Guangzhou. Lotus Hill is very deep historical and cultural accumulation, it is a history of the elderly, is 2,200 years of history, Panyu witness. Panyu district a lot of historical and cultural relics, of which the largest concentration of monuments Lotus mountain and representative. It has rarely seen, with more than 2,000 years of history and the most well-preserved ancient quarry sites are built in the Ming Wanli on behalf of the "capital of Chinese table" Lotus Flower Tower , there are built in the Kangxi reign and the new Lotus city of the world's highest The foil gold Guanyin statue. To the South to travel, do not miss the opportunity to tour the Lotus Hill.

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