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The Protestant reformers tried to challenge the existing social, political, and religious order, but many of them had mixed feelings both towards and against change. Although many reformers wanted to change the religious order, they still shared many similar views as the Catholics.

An example of a reformer who had two different viewpoints was Luther. “On Christian Liberty” was pro-change, because he wanted to reform the Catholic Church. This was a letter telling us that religious leaders should be more concerned with the common people. This was written during the time period when the pope began to sell indulgences. Because of this situation, Luther wrote this letter saying that he wanted reform. One of his other writings, “Condemn of the Peasant Revolts,” was describing peasants in a really negative point of view, saying that they are thieves and murderers. This came from the same standpoint as the Catholics, because peasant revolts were always looked down upon.

Other documents that were anti-change include “Polygamy in Munster” and “Measures Against Anabaptists.” Both of these writings had a bias against the Anabaptists. The reformers reacted against polygamy and the rebaptism of adults. These documents were written from a very serious and cynical point of view, telling people that Anabaptists should be banished from the town. These radicals had always been the greatest threat to the Catholic Church, and the Protestant reformers also reacted strongly against them.
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