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1. Goðafoss (waterfall of the gods) on the way to Akureyri from Lake Mývatn.


2. Some pretty building in Akureyri.


3. A cute little Indian take-out place.


4. Residential houses.


5. Outside an Akureyri souvenir shop.

6. Slow cooked prime of lamb (3,790 ISK).

For lunch, Dave and I tried Strikid in Akureyri, a restaurant I read good things about on Tripadvisor. Dave had lamb, while I had lobster again. The portions here were much bigger than what we had at Gastronomy Langoustine in Höfn. Taste wise, the lamb tasted just as good as before, while the lobster was slightly inferior to Gastronomy Langoustine's I think. So I would still highly recommend the restaurant. I will just order the lamb next time.


7. Lobster fried in garlic, served with fresh salad and white wine sauce (5,290 ISK).

8. The Húsavík Whale Museum (900 ISK/person).

We reached Húsavík in early afternoon. It's raining with very low visibility. There's no point taking a whale-watching tour when we could barely see anything, so we only visited the whale museum.


9. There are a lot of whale skeletons inside. Most of them are too big for our lens, so we only photographed a small one.


10. Whale-watching boats in the harbor.


11. Driving back to Lake Mývatn from Húsavík on route 87, we saw some hothouses. Hothouses are heated using geothermal energy, so Iceland can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

(To be continued)

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